Gas and Liquid Fuel

natural gas and synthetic gas control systems
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Natural Gas and Synthetic Gas Control Systems

Mitten gas fuel systems are primarily used to minimize NOx emissions and control natural or synthetic gas flows pressures to turbine combustion systems. The systems have stringent performance requirements, controlled by complex plant control systems. We have produced over 600 natural gas and syngas systems for a variety of turbine OEMs and combustion technology providers with great success. Put our expertise to work for you.

hydraulic power systems
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Hydraulic Power Units and Starters

As a fluid and fluidpower company, hydraulics is one of Mitten’s core competencies. We have a large installed fleet of hydraulic power units in turbine starting and controls applications globally, and we have an advantage by having access to the products of one of the largest motion and control component manufacturers in the world.

gas chromatographs systems
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Gas Fuel Chromatographs

Mitten manufactures fully integrated systems that monitor, measure and analyze the quality of the fuel coming into your plant. Our chromatograph systems will help you optimize emissions, maximize output and extend hardware life.

lube oil console system engineering by Mitten Manufacturing
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Lube Oil Consoles

Mitten's fleet of lubrication systems is over 500 strong, supporting turbines and generators all over the world. Our console sizes vary from 80-800 GPM and contain various sub-systems, including oil temperature control, heating, ventilation, tank vacuum and fire suppression as driven by the application and client specifications.

Liquid Fuel forwarding system engineered by Mitten
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Liquid Fuel Forwarding

Our packages dispense and control liquid fuel to combustion systems on heavy frame and aeroderivative turbine gensets. These systems can be very simple or complex, depending on the fuel being delivered and the required flows and pressures. Fluid heating is sometimes required, and pressures range from 100 PSI to 2000 PSI.

liquid fuel selection and filtration system
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Liquid Fuel Selection & Filtration

Mitten has experience packaging fuel selection systems that operate in some of the harshest environments, using some of the lowest BTU fuels, including Naptha, unrefined crude oil and bunker-C. Vanadium inhibitor sub-systems are required to protect hot parts in contact with these fuels.

compressor water washing system
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Compressor Water Washing

Mitten's turbine wash system packages ensure compressor buckets are clean and the turbine is operating at maximum power and efficiency. Because these are intermittent duty systems, we can put them on wheels for transport to each turbine-genset at the plant, reducing overall cost and improving maintenance flexibility.

water injection power generation
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Water Injection

Whether trying to meet new emissions requirements or optimizing turbine output, get support from Mitten – we can provide a solution for your water injection requirement that is compact, complete and ready to install.

shaft jacking oil system
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Shaft Jacking Oil

Mitten designs and packages jacking oil systems to client specifications. If it's shaft cooling, sag roll out, faster startup response to grid demands by being on turning gear, or turbine maintenance, Mitten can provide a dependable system to meet your needs.

Lube oil conditioning systems
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Lube Oil Conditioning Systems

Over time, operating, ambient and lube oil conditions can change. Mitten packages conditioning systems to help extend the life of lubricating oils through cutting edge filtration technologies and temperature control circuits.

bearing seal oil control
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Bearing Seal Oil Control

Mitten's seal oil control systems control seal oil pressures to maintain a seal between the generator housings and rotor shaft. This maintains the pressurized hydrogen gas inside the generator and provides a trap-vent system to prevent the release of hydrogen into the turbine generator lube oil system and building atmosphere.